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Isla Holbox Things to Do

Isla Holbox Whale Shark Information. Visit our page Isla Holbox Whale Shark Tours

Isla Holbox offers "Three Isle" tour.. Enjoy a few hours at sea observing Isla Pajaros ( bird island), set foot on Isla Passion and refresh yourself at the "Ojo de Agua" natural fresh water spring- cenote in the Yalahau Laguna area. Approximately four hour tour with one of our providers. Reserve your trip now..

For a true tropical hideaway, a visit to Isla de la Pasion or Passion Island is a must. Just a short 15 minute boat ride from Holbox Island, Isla Pasion is peaceful, relaxing, with few visitors .

Overview of Passion Island

View of Bird Island from one of the towers

Viewing towers and bridges

A third interesting adventure by boat from Isla Holbox is a visit to the local "fountain of youth" or Yalahau spring. Yalahau in Mayan, meaning "eye of the water" is a fresh water, crystal clear in color, spring found in the area. For many years it was used by the pirates,Molas and many others as a refuge. This spring was the major source of fresh water ( drinking, cooking )for the people of Holbox island. For many years they brought by boat water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Today it is a natural setting deep in the forest and offers a welcome dip to those who visit.

Holbox Island Mexico Ojo de Agua from observation tower
Looking down from the observation tower at Ojo de Agua

Visit the natural beauty that is near Isla Holbox. Isla Pajaros or Bird Island is another short boat trip from Holbox Island. Here you can view from the boat the various species that live on the island either year round or stop through on their way to their home regions. The trip takes about 30 minutes from Holbox island. Bird island is small, about 60 meters in diameter and is located in the lagoon Conil sometimes called Lagoon Yalahau. Here too you will see a variety of aquatic birds. Pending the time of year you might be about to see such species as Flamingos, Cormorants, Frigate birds, Grey and white Cranes, wild ducks, gulls, Spoon bills, Herons, Blue, white and tri-colored species, white ibis and many more. It is a place to view wild birds in their natural habitat.

Holbox fish and birds by the shore
Some of the birds who come to feed on the fish chum

For more information on the birds of Isla Holbox, visit Holbox Birds

Tour the town by golf cart!! That is right.. No cars are on Holbox island and golf carts are the main means of getting around especially on the all sand roads.

Isla Holbox golf cart
Touring by golf cart.CR

Get to the isolated areas of the island using your cart. Kid and adults will enjoy a spin in one of these!!( Don't bother to bring your clubs, there are no golf courses on Isla Holbox!)

Boat trips out to various places such as Boca Iglesia, Cabo Catoche, Rio Lagartas, San Felipe and Punto Mosquito for fishing or snorkeling available.

Holbox  island sea shells

Some of the beautiful shells Isla Holbox is noted for

Spend a day shelling. As the waters of the Gulf of Mexico wash up on the Isla Holbox, the island has been blessed with millions of wonderful shells. All sorts of shapes, colors and sizes can be found. Best shelling areas are on the other size of the river, far beach end.

isla holbox Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing Fun from Holbox Island

Kite surfing is the newest extreme sport and it is practiced in the waters off of Isla Holbox. You too can learn this sport or come practice it. The winds are perfect for this sport from early September right on thru to mid spring. Come watch. or learn. Lessons available, just inquire for more details.

Isla Holbox Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing Fun

A recent addition to the activities of Isla Holbox is Horseback Riding. For more details visit the stables on the beach near the air strip.

Holbox island horseback riding photo

Windsurfing is also another activity done on Isla Holbox.

Holbox Island windsurfing

Try Windsurfing While on Isla Holbox!

See Susana, the windsurfing instructor on Holbox Island at the tee shirt shop near Holbox Transfers, corner of Dametro and Calle Bravo from 6-9 pm for more details. To contact Susana, email her at


For more information please email us at

Isla Holbox awaits your visit!! Come see us soon, Friend!!


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