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Isla Holbox Whale Shark Information. Visit our page Isla Holbox Whale Shark Tours

Isla Holbox Q. Roo Mexico Bird Watching Information !!

Isla Holbox is the perfect place to rest, relax and get close to nature. Isla de Pajaros or Bird Island is just a short boat trip away, but for bird lover's this is paradise. Here resident and migratory birds come to nest. Baby birds just recently hatched can be seen.

One view of Bird Island Isla Holbox

Visit the natural beauty that is near Holbox Island. Isla Pajaros or Bird Island is another short boat trip from Isla Holbox. Here you can view from the boat the various species that live on the island either year round or stop through on their way to their home regions. The trip takes about 30 minutes from Holbox Island. Make sure to bring your binoculars so you can comfortably view the Isla Holbox birds.

view of  isla holbox birds from look out tower
View from the lookout tower over to Isla Pajaros

Bird island is small, about 60 meters in diameter and is located in the lagoon Conil sometimes called Lagoon Yalahau. Here too you will see a variety of aquatic birds.

Holbox Island  photos of birds on stakes

Some of the birds on Bird island Isla Holbox

Pending the time of year, you might be about to see such species as Flamingos, Cormorants, Frigate birds, Grey and white Cranes, wild ducks, gulls, Spoon bills, Herons, Blue, white and tri-colored species, white ibis and many more. It is a place to view wild birds in their natural habitat.

Every year during the late spring pink flamingos make the waters surrounding Isla Holbox their home. To learn more about this beautiful colored bird, visit Pink Flamingos

Isla Holbox

Beautiful Pink Flamingos

Isla Holbox awaits your visit!!


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